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This Kit # 15893ULT suits +1"/20-30mm RAISED HEIGHT TOYOTA  LANDCRUISER 300 SERIES 2022 ONWARD - ALL MODELS.    

NOTE:  STANDARD HEIGHT & HIGHER RAISED HEIGHT Bag Kits are  available for all Plus 0"/0-10mm & Plus 2"/40-50mm RAISED HT. Vehicles - Refer POLYAIR #'s 15793ULT (0") & 15993ULT (2").


is included in the Price of this Kit !!


We are now all expecting a lot out of our SUV’s and 4WD’s and as a result they are towing and carrying more and more and now there’s the ultimate solution for this, with the “Polyair Ultimate Series”.


The Ultimate Series is an in-coil load assist Polyurethane Airbag System that provides superior load levelling capabilities, comfort & control to suit a vast range of vehicles, loads and conditions through its impressive 60psi rating.


The Polyair Ultimate’s significant 60psi pressure rating allows you to take on the tough loads whether you are highway touring or travelling off the beaten track.


The Polyair Ultimate Series is the most advanced Polyurethane Airbag on the market and will provide your vehicle with a high level of load support when required while allowing you to retain a comfortable ride when empty or only lightly loaded.  It’s a Win-Win all round, for you, your family and your vehicle’s stability and control.




  • A very High-Density Polyurethane Airbag System that is the strongest of its kind - Period !
  • Heavy Duty design and construction, made for Heavy Loads
  • Workable range from 5psi – 60psi giving a huge amount of control in spring rate variability
  • Reduces Sway & Body Roll for better Handling and Response
  • Great for towing – keeping both tow vehicle and trailer / van level & safe.
  • Corrects headlight aim
  • Corrects rear end sag, improving steering response
  • Lengthens the life of other suspension components such as coil springs, shock absorbers and bushes
  • Improves a rough ride through its progressive spring rate – even more so than a progressive rate coil spring


This kit offers great flexibility in varying the load capability of your vehicle as well as allowing a great level of ride comfort when the vehicle is empty or is only lightly loaded.  


Ultimate Air Bags are incredibly strong and robust allowing them to last for years with correct installation, usage and regular bag pressure checks, just like your tyres. 

In fact, we recommend checking your bag pressures every time you check your tyre pressures as the same laws of physics apply to both. 


All Polyair airbags are manufactured by Polyair's Air Lift Industries division in the USA.

Beware of unbranded airbags, usually coming from Chinese factories.


To get the best performance from your kit inflate airbags just enough to achieve a level ride height. 
By doing this you are also allowing all of the suspension components to share the extra load of the vehicle and not putting any unnecessary pressure on any one individual part of your vehicle's suspension.


SKU: 15893ULT
AU$430.00 Regular Price
AU$379.00Sale Price
  • This Kit suits +1" RAISED HEIGHT (20-30mm) LANDCRUISER  300 SERIES 2022 ONWARD - ALL MODELS.    
    NOTE: OTHER HEIGHT Bag Kits are available for all STANDARD HEIGHT 0"/0-10mm & Plus 2"/40-50mm RAISED HT. Vehicles - Refer POLYAIR #'s 15793ULT (1") & 15993ULT (2").

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