Important notes for contacting 4WD DIRECT

Please help us, to allow us to help you!

When sending us your inquiry, it would be greatly appreciated if you could include:

  • your full name,

  • a daytime phone contact number

  • the geographic region where you are located.



Please be specific about your inquiry, the more specific you are, the more details we are able to provide you with, this also allows us to act in a quick and professional manner on your inquiry.


If your email is suspension related, please refer below for useful details.

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When sending an email inquiry please include the following details


Your vehicle's setup (load-bearing accessories fitted, like: steel / alloy bar, winch, rear step bar, extra spare wheels, extra fuel tanks etc, or if another suspension system has already been fitted to your vehicle, and what it is.)


Your current or intended usage. For example, Heavy load carrying 5 days a week. 


Your personal expectations of the way you feel the suspension should perform. For example "ride quality is the first priority, or supporting the load I carry is the first priority"


To follow our email guidelines does take extra time and effort and we really do appreciate this and hope that you feel our response to your email enquiry is of equal quality.


From time to time we may ask you to phone us, where it is simply more efficient to discuss a particular application, verbally. 


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Closed Sat/Sun


Ph:  0406 476 840

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